Angry Bolt Widget [Android]

Monitor your Home and know when you have no electricity or internet connection!

This widget can monitor any Modem/Router connected to internet. For example if you have internet at home you will be notified when that internet connection is lost. In that case:

  • You have no electricity.
  • Your internet provider cut your internet connection.
Technically speaking this widget will monitor any IP address,URL, Domain name.  That means anything connected to the internet. The monitoring is made through Ping and Port-Scanning to the given IP address (IPv4 only).
If you want to monitor an IP address always changing you can use

In any case you will be notified by the widget to save time and money.
You don’t need any computer connected to the internet for the connection be established (only if you use NO-IP), so you don’t spend energy.

How to setup

Don’ install or move Angry Bolt Widget to SD-card, it’s Android limitation.

  1. Add any Angry Bolt Widget to your Home Screen and a configuration screen open.
  2. Connect via wireless to the network that you want to monitor and click on “1: Get my Ip Address”. (In case you don’t have wireless you can access to with your computer, get your Ip address and type it.)
  3.  Click on “2: Test connection” and the application connect to the IP you want to monitor. Test with wireless and with 2G/3G/4G data connection. In case of both successful you can monitor this IP address anywhere in the world. (In case of unsuccessful connection see troubleshooting section, you have a solution ;) )
  4. Type the label of the widget. (optional)
  5. Set the interval of time that the application will monitor the network. (default: 120 minutes)
  6. Save.

Paid version:

  • 4 widgets (1×1, 1×2, 2×2, 2×3);
  • HD widgets for your high resolution phone or tablet;
  • No ads;
  • Faster and more functionality;

Get it on Google Play




Free version:

  • 2 widgets(1×1, 1×2);
  • Works with same reliability as the paid version;
  • Simple to use;
  • It’s completely free =)

Get it on Google Play






In case you were unsuccessful you need to configure your modem/router. Connect to it with your computer with a cable or via wireless. Open your browser and access to (usually is this address, but can be other. You just need to connect to the configurations page of your modem/router). Next you have to configure your modem/router to respond to Ping (ICMP packet) or Port Forwarding.

  • Ping
In the configurations of the modem/router allow ping connections. Example:
  • Port Forwarding
In the configurations of the modem/router go to Port Forwarding and place one of these ports (80; 8080; 21; 7; 25; 110; 1; 443; 53) for any IP Address. Example:
And don’t forget, google is your friend so if you search for modem router configuratins for ping or port forwarding you will have lots of information ;)


  • This program will not be responsible for anything. It just give you a useful hint that something can be wrong. If the information that this widget provide is vital, you must invest much more money in other systems.
  • Some rare internet providers change your IP frequently. In that case it will be difficult to monitor, but if you use something like this widget also monitor any address or domain name.

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